How and what data we give in process mining as input

I am new to process mining. Please help me understanding the flow. How and what type of input we need to provide as input.


Pls have a view on this doc

Cheers @Amandeep_Kathuria1

Thanks. I got some idea. I have doubt like what will be provided in input , do we need to add logs or data or something else?

Yeah it requires data to configure

This is how it works

Have a view on this video for a example

In the connect data step , as it is mentioned IT system data application from application , flat file , DB etc. so what type of data we will give and is there any standard template or set of information we need to give. Also , do we have any way we can do the handson on this, any trial version we can get it for POC or demo purpose.

Have a view on this thread for how to install it

Cheers @Amandeep_Kathuria1