How about using credentials as assets in Reframework. Why doesn't the Reframework yet implement this? Or is this an error?

Hi, sorry you all for english mistakes,

I am doing the example of UIDemo in Adv training. There, I tried to put a credential as asset and found that the Get Asset activity implemented at Reframework Init block could not retrieve a credential type asset.

I made a work around that works well and shared it in the end. But my question is why did I had to do this? Is this a Reframework or Get Asset Activity bug? Shouldn’t credentials be assets when I am using Reframework? Reframework is so useful and complete and that need for a work aroud doesn’t seem like a mistake to you?

My solution was:

In the point below:

At for each row activity, when it tries to retrieve the credential asset with Get Asset Value, it generates an error.

So where previously there was an error handling sequence with logs, etc. i replaced with a new tryCatch, like this:

In the try section, I implemented this and it’s working fine:

In the catches, I put the previous error handling sequence like this: