How a blank process is scheduled in Orchestrator and how username & passwords are accessed inprocess?

I need to login to site by entering username & password. How can these be stored and accessed in simple process for a small poc and get it scheduled for every 15 min? Anyone please assist?


U can keep those password or any credentials in UiPath orchestrator under ASSETS

Have a view on this doc for more details

And to schedule them u can rely on TRIGGERS

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Follow these steps-

  1. Create a new UiPath project and add the necessary activities for logging into the website. This may include activities such as “Open Browser”, “Type Into”, “Click”, etc., depending on the web application you are working with.

  2. To store the username and password securely, you can drag and drop the “Get Secure Credential” activity to your workflow.

  3. Configure the “Get Secure Credential” activity by providing a name for the credential (e.g., “WebsiteCredential”) and setting the “Target” property to the name of your UiPath asset where you want to store the credential. Assets are used to securely store and manage sensitive information in UiPath, and you can create a new asset in UiPath Orchestrator to store the username and password.

  4. In your workflow, use the “Type Into” activity and provide the “SecureString” properties for the username and password fields. To access the stored credential, you can use the “Get Credential” activity and provide the asset name (“WebsiteCredential”) as input.

5.Once your workflow is working as expected, you can use UiPath Orchestrator to schedule the process to run every 15 minutes. In UiPath Orchestrator, create a new schedule for your process and set the desired frequency (e.g., every 15 minutes).

  1. Publish your UiPath project to UiPath Orchestrator and make sure it is available for the scheduled process to run.

That’s it! Your UiPath process will now run automatically every 15 minutes, using the securely stored username and password from the UiPath asset.


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at login page I need to login with username & password by taking input from orchestrator assets.I used get secure credential activity and provided target as orchestrator asset name & created output variables but not entering credentials in the site. Please help what’s the issue?