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how can i get the hover over text of a bar graph (in this case for “CWT”)?

Hi @new_user

If you can indicate an element containing the text, you can use Hover Text activity.
If not, you can use Hover OCR Text.

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Hey @new_user,

You can use the hover,Hover Text,Hover OCR Text,Hover Image for this purpose.

what text should be quoted? (circled)


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We do not get the hover over on “CWT” , it appears only when hovered over the bar. and what about the output variable type in ggogle OCR?

Please indicate an element that will include the CWT Text.
It appears that you indicated just the bar which doesn’t contain the text

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ALRIGHT !! should it be working now?

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Yes. It should be :slight_smile:
I tried on my end :slight_smile:

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awesome! i’ll try…and what about the output variable type of google ocr?

There is no modifications needed on that one :slight_smile:

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ok,not working :frowning: is there anyway in which i can get the hover over text printed @Jan_Brian_Despi ? image

What is the version of your UiPath Studio?
Mine’s working fine:

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version (below) actually i want to automate the step below:
-hover over the bar for CWT(Travel)
-print the hover over text.


You cannot indicate the CWT(Travel) element only, right?

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yes, one of the reasons it’s not printing the txt

weird that it is not working on your side.
Please try to delete the hover ocr text and do it again without modifying the Google OCR

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even that is not working! my “click” activity is not working too! what’s wrong! :frowning:

I am currently using this version:

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should i be re-installing?