Hover and take screenshot

Hi All,

I want to save an image of a web grid which doesn’t fit in to the screen on zoom level 100%.The image is in the bottom of the web page. So I used Hover activity to get scrolled down.But I changed the zooming level to 80% later so that I can use screencapture methods to capture the whole grid.But then the Hover activity stopped working and if I change zooming level to 100% it stats working.How to have Hover activity working under 80% zooming?

hover is nothing but literally scrolling, i hope whent he zooming is reduced to 80%, we are not able to scroll down the screen and i think thats the reason the hover didn’t work when its 80% and worked when 100%

Cheers @Asiri

Try to use page down hot key untill the element appear on the screen and then you can use hover activity… After hover give 2 second delay and take screenshot…

If element not appear on the screen hover activity might throw exception…

Hi @Asiri,
Can you send the xaml file bro once for reference…

Hi Ajju,

The image is partially on the screen when robot reaches the web page.Hover was not giving any exception.But just do nothing when the zooming is 80%.What I did was I used clicked activity instead of Hover and gave Position as BottomRight in the properties panel.Then it worked.Not sure why Hover fails to perform when the zooming is not 100%