Hotkey issue - need to use down and next loop use up

Hotkey issue - need to use “down” and next loop use “up” and “down” to retrieve the initial element

Please explain the exact issue you are facing.

If using ‘For each’ Activity, you can use index property to check the number of iteration.
If the Iteration is 0, use only down hotkey
If not 0, use up and then down.


I will click on the dropdown list after that i will use hot key “down” the select the element i want for the row n°1 but for the row n°2, the element is already selected, so if i use again the hotkey “down” again the element that i want will not be the good one.

I have this probleme because i can’t use select item or click text, that’s why i need to use hot key.

Tell me if it is not clear :slight_smile:

So use the above logic guided
and check the loop count.
Use ‘IF’ condition and check the loop count, if first loop send down hotkey, else don’t do anything.

do you have a screen of that my friend plz ?

you can just assign the number of time it have to press the down arrow to select each options and before you start selecting any options just try to use page up/home(check for the available options to go for the first options always) then you can use the specified number of down arrow to select the specific values.


I hope u are using the data table in which u have the rows.
So here is the code.

As you want 1st time to click on down, so i have taken the zero’th index.

Hope this helps.