Hotkey exception

While performing the task: Get Help from UiPath Support Services | UiPath
I get the exception message:

Send Hotkey exception has thrown an exception

Message: The target Element was not specified for this activity. You should set its Target property or use this activity inside of a scope activity (Attach Browser, Open Browser, Open Application, Attach Window, Get Active Window, Element Scope activities).

Source: Type into

Exception Type: ElementNotSetException

Please suggest how to resolve the issue.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, you need to specify on “where” you want to send this key.
As the message says, you to set the target.

once you dragged the activity just click indicate on screen and select your element.


You can also surround send hotkeys by a scope as the message also says.
That way.


This is a new feature of the Send Hotkey, right?
Have multiple robots running across 10 machines and it seems to be random (since I cant find the pattern :wink: ) which of them can execute “send hotkey” without a selector defined.

Does the function only strictly work with a selector and which package version is this “upgrade” implemented in?

Best regards Mikkel

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Have a look at this post, I’m talking about the version where I believe this was implemented.