Hot to store and paste huge numbers to Excel with Datatable


I’m having a truble to store huge number in datatable with number format. For example I want to paste 16.500.000,00 to excel as a number format. But when I do that I receive storage error. Is there any way that I can apply for this problem?

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Hi @y.anilozturk,

Why don’t you try splitting it into multiple files?

Hi @rmunro

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that number is not number of variables. I’m trying to store that value in one Item of datatable as a number format so that when I paste it to excel it stays as number. When I try to store that value it became string and it is not possible to make calculations to these cells. I want to store that kind of values as number format not string.

ohh ok, well you can do calculations in Uipath as well but if need it in excel you can change the variable from string to number using convert.ToInt32(variablegoeshere)

See sample below:


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