Hot key to stop bot

Hi everyone,
I know we can set hot key to start the bot using monitor key activity
Is there any activity to stop bot at anytime using some hot key?

You can stop the bot without Hotkey using terminate workflow.

Hi @Boopathi,

You can stop the bot by orchestrator using the stop or kill the process.


Hi @balupad14. Thank you. I am aware of that but here the situation is different. We are not using orchestrator. Bot is running attended from a machine and it will run when an agent press hot key like ctrl + enter using monitor event.

I am trying to stop the bot at anytime using any other hotkey while the bot is running. is that possible. I tried parallel activity. Put my whole project on one monitor event as start event and created another monitor event as off to terminate the process. But there is no connection between two sequences in parallel activity.


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Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri. Thank you. Is there any possibility to stop the project using hot key while the bot is running. I started the project using ctrl+enter by putting the project in monitor event activity now the agents require to stop the bot using some other hotkey when the want to kill the bot. Actually we are not using orchestrator for our project.


@ClaytonM Is it possible to stop the bot at anytime using hotkey like how we trigger the bot using an hotkey. I thought it can be achieved using parallel activity.

if you want to continue on basis of some key combination and stop the run using other key combination. you can use pick and pick branch one pick if you select CTRL+ENTER and other f12(default to stop the bot) in another pick branch.

@Boopathi I can’t say I’ve used MonitorEvents enough to know how they execute, so I decided to play around with them a bit. I found that they execute and move to next parrallel sequence. I also found that they act as a loop and continue to monitor within their scope until you can end the process.

First, you must understand how Parallel works. Parallel will execute each activity from Left to Right and will not execute each side of the Parallel at the same time. And since it moves activity to activity, you can use a Scope or an Invoke Workflow to execute many other activities simultaneously (from my understanding).

So this is basically what you already had and it worked for me.

Whenever I pressed the hotkeys, it performed activities in the START sequence and while they were running, at any time I pressed the End hotkey, it terminated.

Hope that helps. Regards.