Hot key not work in background

I want manual process to automate.
In manual process what happened I am explaining you.
I have excel sheet.In this excel sheet one column with name of amount that excel column value I inserted in text box which you can see above screen shot added in adjustment amount.then I click any where in screen or tab this same value come in New Outstanding Reserve.This is manual process I want to automate.Because this is validation in website which value is adjustment amount will also show in New Outstanding Reserve then you can save the data.
Now In BOT also insert data from excel to text done. but not able to show same amount in New Outstanding Reserve.So I am not able to save.For value reflect I am using HOT Key with Tab but not work adjustment value not reflect in New Outstanding Reserve.
This process works in background also.I also enable SendErrorMessage. For more detail I am attaching screen shot of this.