Hot key in Oracle Java application not working

Im Trying an automation which is on oracle form and I have to do the following steps to run the Query

  1. Enter the code
    2.Click on view Tab
  2. Click on sub menu-Onquery by example
  3. Click Run

There is a shortcut key which can be used (Ctrl+F11) to do the above mentioned steps.

I tried using Click function and also hotkey method but Im not able to fetch the Data. Does it need some java extensions to be downloaded or any other specific method to do it?


Welcome to uipath forum

Yeah it requires Java extension
You can download that from your studio itself

Go to Home → tools and there you can find the extension to be downloaded

Make sure you have closed all the Java applications before installing the extension

For more details have a view on their doc

Cheers @neetinarvekar2