Host unknown - Sign in to get started

During the installation of Uipath, on the “Sign in to get started…”, when I clic on the [sign in] button, it doesn’t open the browser to complete the installation.

I only have the message “Host unknown”. And my connexion internet works very well

Any idea ?

If you want to use the interactive sign-in, you need to turn it on from orchestrator, below doc has the steps to do so:

Setting Up Interactive Sign-In (

Unaffortunaly, the message occurs before oppening the browser (that don’t open). :worried:
I’ve tryied with another PC and it connects to the orchestratorcorrectly.

From where you downloaded the set up file? if it is from Orchestrator it will directly redirect you to the sign in page. if it is .msi you need to provide the activation key!

before installing the UiPath make sure your system has having the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio

please check with that


I think I don’t explain my problem well.
When I install uipath and I want to sign in I have this message because it don’t want to open a browser

Have you set the interactive sig-in? You need to do it before you do this step.

Also, just a check, your default browser is Chrome? try clearing the cookies and cache, Exit the assistant/robot and then open it again.

Yes, I have set interactive sign-in.
I’ve tried with the msi file, the beta and the stable version
Chrome is my default browser and I’ve clear all history, cookies, password.

I’ve tried another way to connect via Uipath Assistant and still the same.

Thanks for trying helping me.

Hi! may i know what is your default browser? if nothing is choosen by you. it will redirect you to the edge. so once open the edge and and clear the cache and accept the cookies.