Host name not showing in the list from orchestrator


I am trying to run the process from orchestrator but the host name is not the list but its added

Please help me
Thanks in advance.

Could you please send a full screenshot where you are not getting the hostname?

Check the license of the machines and also see the machine is connected or not

It is not the hostname I think it is the machine name or the username
which we need to run the job

please provide a full screenshot so that I can resolve the issue


Here Machine is not listed

check the machine is connected or not and licenses also

did you create a machine to run the job?
and did you check if the machine is connected

Machine is connected by Client ID method, license allocated or Run time available

first pls navigate to tenant----machines and look for the version status and tell me
and also
navigate to tenant—licenses—what you can see there
if possible pls send me both screenshots


This means either machine is not connected or the license is not allocated

check the connection of UiPath assistant