Holding down a special character in the background


I am trying to run a process that selects multiple items in a list. I can accomplish this by holding down the ctrl key and clicking each item. when using a attended robot i can use the click activity and add a the ctrl key modifier and it works great. However whn building an unattended robot this doesn’t work i have researched a bit and found that adding a type into activity with “[d(rctrl)]” as the input before the clicking and a type into activity with “[u(rctrl)]” after could be a possible solution but when i add these commands to my workflow it doesn’t actually work. Is there something i am doing wrong? In both Type into activities the sendWindowMessages checkbox is checked off.


Increase the value of DelayBetweenKeys. It may be clicking before the ctrl button is being pressed.

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Hey @Anthony_Humphries Thanks for the response. I tried updating that to a higher number but it still did not work, even if that was the issue i am clicking around 50 items and i think at least some of them would be selected together.