Hold progress of the workflow depending on the value of a variable

Is there any way to hold the progress of a workflow which is on the first portion of a parallel activity, till some trigger is fired on the second portion of the same parallel activity.
For example

Parallel activity

Sequence 1 || Sequence 2
a || x
b || y
c || z

Can we have sequence 1 to hold at position ‘b’ till position ‘y’ of sequence 2 is executed.
‘c’ of sequence 1 will only be executed after Sequence 2 completes execution of ‘y’.

I tried using a boolean variable and ‘if’ condition for the same but I don’t think its the most feasible solution.
Do we have anything like a trigger on variable change?

I have used a Retry activity with Delay as its action and Check true activity as its condition. So far it seems to be working but any other suggestions are welcome.

Please refer this link.


This Parallel activity is intended to wait for completion of various asynchronous tasks, when the order of completion can’t be predicted and does not matter. Execution itself is still sequential (the workflow runs in one thread), and you could trick it to do what you want by including nonzero Delays after ‘b’ and ‘y’. This gives me the sequence a b x y c z, but it would be a lot clearer to just write it as such in a single sequence, if it is intended to work as such.

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