Hold End button to get to the bottom page of multiples page website

I need to go to the bottom page of a multiples pages website to get all the data table.
I tried to used “[d(end)]” with Delay Between Keys is 30000 ms but it always stop when the website load the second page up.
How can i go to the bottom page? Can anyone help me?

Hi @plmtri.kddi,
It’s just only my thought but maybe try to loop this activity per each site. So every next site will be loaded then this activity will start as well.

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You can use send hot key with keys ctrl + end to get to the end of the page
Cheers @plmtri.kddi

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Thank you @Palaniyappan @Pablito , i tried ctrl +end but only get to the end of one page , the loop work fine for this time, thanks all of you a lot.


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