Hold Click For Date Picking on Website


I am trying to pick a date from a website’s calendar which is shown below:

In the calendar, to choose month, I have to click and hold < button and month menu opens like here:

I am trying to record month selection from this menu, but while recording, I am pushing F2 to hold the menu, after delay has done, menu disappears and I can’t choose month from menu.

How can I solve this problem, or do you have any suggestion to choose date from this type of calendar?

In the state of the specified screen, try to press F4 or use injecting JS activity block

I pressed F4 and nothing happened. Menu still disappears after F2 delay is done.


Did you find a solution on this?

Is tout are also facing the same behavior of your application on which you want to select date.

If the date picker vanishes once you try to select using UI Explorer then recommended step is to record the steps using a desktop recorder so that you can get the selectors and then you csn tweak the selectors.

Hope this helps!