Hoe to create a sequence or bot for Temp data clear on laptop

  • Hi All friends,

  • Please send me designed workflow or sequence or robot . Robot should perform following activities.

  • 1) Open RUN Pad

  • 2)Type temp into run pad and click on Ok.

  • 3) select all temp files from browsed window and delete them

  • 4) Handel the pop up which comes in between.

please help me by designing the above robot or sequence and please do share with me because I am not ABLE TO IMPLEMENT ABOVE STEPS community edition Ui Path studio.

cheers learning all friends :grin:

  • thanks regards,
  • Varun

Hi @varun_shinde1 Using file activities in UiPath makes it more easier to perform this actions than the process you described. Following is an example to perform this without requiring interacting with user interfaces (only background activities):



I recommend you to explore available activities, that will give you an idea of the different possibilities when building your automations. Any help needed just ask.

Hope it helps!

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thank you so much gabriel

You’re welcome. Please mark the answer as solution if you consider your question was correctly answered.

See you!

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done thank u so much

i was working on it from long time

HI @varun_shinde1

You can try with LINQ expression

Array.ForEach(Directory.GetFiles(folderPath),Sub(x) File.Delete(x))

Have a look on the thread


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