HockeyApp unavailable?


Has HockeyApp for UiPath been made private? It now requires registration and even after it doesn’t show UiPath anyway.
We’ve been checking it for some time now and it was way better than having to keep our own installation files archive for specific versions, as well as quickly checking what was fixed in which version.

We still have installation files for those versions that are used for production, but now I’m wondering where is the best place to check for version upgrades (I know about release notes, but they don’t allow to download that specific version).


Shameless bump :sunglasses:

Hockey is retired. We’ll need to find some other way for customers to get access to version history.
@Alessandro_Muresan @vlad_rpa

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Thanks, at least we know what happened.

As a quick idea, why not include a donwload link with release notes? You’re (AFAIK) hosting the files currently anyway, might as well tell us where :wink:

We thought about this.

We want to control the download for marketing purposes. This means we don’t want to make the links public. This means we need to offer this to customers only - a portal where they can access that info.