Ho to update excel table with 2 or more conditions as parameters

I have a excel sheet where it has columns Invoice number , action, state
I need to write ‘done’ in a cell, conditions is invoice number is ‘100’ action is ‘uploaded’ beside that in state column cell i need to to write ‘done’ using lookup range we can pass only one parameter right how to pass 2 parameters i have a huge data so i cant use loop as it takes time please help me using linqu queries or any other way


Use Invoke Code activity and try below code.

            Dim c1,c2 As Boolean
            Dim s As String
            For Each row in yourInputDT.AsEnumerable()
                c1 = row("Invoice number").ToString.Trim.Equals("100")
                c2 = row("action").ToString.ToLower.equals("uploaded")
                 s = If({c1,c2}.All(Function (x) x),"done","")
                  row("state") = s

Create one argument named yourInputDT of type DataTable and pass input DataTable to it.

And then finally use Write Range activity to write data back to the Excel file.

@lakshman can you please give me any sample xaml it will help me a lot