Hit error could not find the UI element while half way lopping of extracting client information


I have managed to update client hash code to client information for calculate client security has assignment. however, it seems cannot automatically stopped after the last uupdate done.


Hi @Hima ,

Can you share the screenshot how you are using if condition for this?

If you are using excel then I hope you are using “if condition” to come out from the loop.
It should be done as when dt.rows.count < TranscationNumber then come out of the loop.

Hi @ermanoj3101

the condition as below

I found out the looping of update item was not complete yet, it has stopped at transaction number 12 and hit error Get Client Information: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Since it was able to update the transaction up to 11, how come suddenly stopped at 12 due to UI element?

You mean it should process 12th item also.

Okay, can you share screenshot of selector where you are passing some dynamic value or where it Get failed.

And before it I am hopping you are running bot in debug mode.

Once exception occurs it stops on that activity and you need to stop the bot their.
And try to inspect highlit the element on the screen. If it’s not highliting then their is an issue with the selector.