Hit enter when the screen is locked

I am trying to do a workflow that required to fill something and hit “enter” to complete. And I found out the exception will flow when the screen is disconnected or locked.

How can I send a hotkey “enter” when the screen is locked?

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@cyrusho Follow below link

Thanks, but i think this article has already out of date

Hi @cyrusho,

Run yout process through orchestrator.

Which edition do you have?
As automation with locked screen doesn’t work with CE, please refer below link to verify

I think you need to maintain an interactive session so that screen doesn’t get locked. You can try Launch Workflow Interactive and check if it works.

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Problem solved.

Just use “Type Into” and disable the Activate options

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I am using Enterprise edition, but your reference links are incorrect mentioned.
Also, there are no longer have UILauncher anymore, the newer name called “UiRobot.exe”, the link was too old.

I also tried to reproduce my workflow in another Community Edition to run it, and it works expected.

No need to have Orchestrator, I can do it under lock screen finally. Thanks

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