Hit enter until OCR text appears

Hi all,

I’m trying to develop a loop that meets the following requirement:

Press “enter” until “OCR text exists”, then perform “X steps”.

Steps I’ve done:

  • Screen scraped the text, selected scrapping method - OCR, inverted text.
  • Changed variable type to Boolean
  • Put in a “IF” activity.
  • Condition, variable = True, then “X”.
    This is where I get stuck. I need it to loop “enter” until Variable = TRUE but I’m not sure how to do that.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated

Use a while or do while. Put what you’ve already got inside and I think the condition is what you’ve used in your if statement.

Thanks for the reply Ellboy, I’ve added Element Exists activity and flow chart decision.

If Element exists, then hit F11, else - within “Do while”, send hot key “enter” with condition = true.

The current problem is that it isn’t looping “enter”, just pressing it once. I need it to hit Enter until Element Exists appears

Hi @richardli23,
You have to keep that element exists activity also in the loop because you want to check whether the element is present or not after pressing enter right.
Thats why?
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