Hiring a Bot as an employee

We are implementing bots to carry out certain HR processes. That being said, it’l require access to a range of drives, systems, AD accounts, to have an email address, etc.

All of these things are easily granted if you are an active employee on our HR System.However, our bot is currently setup as a service account on a virtual pc.

So my question is, how far-fetched is to actually hire the bot as an employee on the HR system as an active employee (with no salary of course). This will solve many issues such as AD access and workflows in our setup as it’ll actually be part of a hierarchy/structure. Has this been done before? What are the best practices?



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Hi @naweedp

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This has being done before. I, as a solution architect implemented the same scenario in our company.

We had a scenario in our HR department where we highly needed an automation solution. So, we wanted to give a personality to our robot. So we gave it a name first :slight_smile: The robot will be treated as another staff member within the organization. So the required system access is provided. This included a separate machine for the robot, AD account, email account and a outlook client.

As the structure, the robot is designed to report to the HR management within the workflows.

If you need more info on this, I would be glad to help since I have done the same thing :slight_smile:


One of your main concerns while implementing this is security. If you go down the path of setting up a separate computer for bot operations with certain system access, make sure the system is secure. Depending on the automation, the user account will probably have to be logged on to operate successfully. We keep a separate machine behind a locked door in our server room to be safe. It’s all down to your company’s standards and security policies to determine whether or not this is feasible.


Hi @itsnmorris

Yes… Security is one of the major concerns as you mentioned. We are also applying one of the same mechanisms for the bot computer. We have it locked in a separate location. Additionally, that room is access protected with our cards. So we know who is in and who is not.


Can you attach about your process

We are gng to develop same thinks plz help out for thise

HI @damodar99

Please let me know on how I can help on this. For @naweedp’s question, I gave the answer, But I never heard back from him… Do you need any more information?

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Yes i need more information like test chat bot xml any developed you

Please you have any update for chat bot

Hello @damodar99

Sorry for the late reply. I was stuck with some issues at office and was breaking my head to get them resolved. :frowning:

So… about the chat bot, unfortunately I haven’t developed any chat bots yet. The one we developed for our office is kind of a bot that performs HR related stuff. It was initially planned to be built as a chat bot, but due to various constraints we had to scope it down.

However, if you are to build a chat bot, what I believe is, you should follow the same approach as I have explained above on what we did here. So thought the project was scoped down, the initial layout was done to convert it to a chat bot later. So we should have the tasks ready. only thing is, we should integrate with chat bot application like IBM Watson. I’m right now not very much familiar with that… However, @Jan_Brian_Despi have some experience in chat bots and may be able to give you some guidance on that…

@Jan_Brian_Despi, bro, your valuable thoughts are required here :slight_smile:


Hey @naweedp.

Yes, you are right!
In our organization, we are giving the bot a name, email account, and more just like an employee.
We are treating bots as actual employees.

So let’s get back to chatbots.
The chatbots I created is extremely confidential.

There are different third-party software or applications that can be used to create such as Watson Assistant.
It requires training.

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