Highly dynamic click - How to set it up - Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I have a task where I am supossed to click on some calendar entries within a webpage and then once the entry opens I need to perform some tasks. For this I used the get children activity to get the calendar entry and its html tag, but here is the problem:

Lets say there are three entries saying “leave approved” , and the BOT has to delete only those entries whoch are after a certain date , in this example we can take as 15th. So we have one entry before 15th and two entries after 15th. The bot gets the HTML selector of all 3 entries by the get children activity , the BOT click the first entry , a new popup screen opens and the BOT sees that its before 15th based on a date value in the popup screen and does not delete it, now the BOT navigates abck to the main calendar scree which still has 3 entries, now it iterates to the second HTML selectot tag, but due to our previous action all HTML selector tag references haev again been changed hence it cannot find the second entry.

If I use the get children again , its going to get HTML tags for all 3 entirs again and the process would repeat. Any solution for this is highly appreciated

I hope I made sense !

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