Highlight row if the text not found on the website

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Sorry because I have posted this topic one more time.

I have the excel file which contain product models. Some products not available on the website. I want to highlight the row on excel file each search product on the website and appear the text as below picture.

I have made a XAML to check if that text appear, but I don’t know how to highlight the row on excel file

Could you pls support me to resolve this case?

Thanks in advance!
File.zip (12.2 KB)

I found a reference post here.
Check if this helps.
You need an if condition for data validation and highlight that row.

Hi @rachrahul2

I have checked this before but my case different.

Could you pls check and support me on my XAML file?

Thanks in advance!

Here you go.
I used chrome for indicating elements. Change them to firefox if you need it or else chrome works just fine.
FileSolved.zip (13.6 KB)

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Try using “Highlight” activity. You can use the element exist and then highlight Ui element.

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hello @trunghai
If you want you can add color to your rows if the text is not found in excel file using Set Range Color Activity
By setting Its input (if you want red color)as this
and set the range dynamically

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Hi @rachrahul2

Thanks you so much.

base on your support, I have edited in my XAML file but the process highlighted the first row in excel file only.

Could you pls check ?PIC from WEB.zip (13.5 KB)

hello @trunghai
You are assigning rowcount as 2 using assign activity and than incrementing it so when your flow is running it’ll always assign row count as 2 whatever the incremented value be…
Remove that assign acitivity and assign it some where out side the loop

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Hi @rachrahul2 & @vickydas

Thanks you so much ^^.

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