Highlight or delete cell if not found

Hi everyone.

I have one question when scrapt picture or information on the web.

I have made a process to extract picture on the web from list item in CSV file.

When find the product on the web, have some case not found product on the web. Then it will delete or markup the cell in csv file.

In my XAML file, I have ignored and go to next step when not found any product from list of CSV file on the web… but I don’t know how to delete the cell or markup when not found.

Pls check and suggest in my XAML file.Copy Image on web.xaml (38.3 KB)

Thanks you so muchCopy Image on web.xaml|attachment (38.3 KB)

As I can understand, You want to delete a Row item from excel when the item is not found in Website.

  1. Add an Column in the excel say - ItemExist

  2. Inside for each loop of items - update it to true or false based on existence of item in the website.

3.When all the items are processed, Read the Column with ItemExist =False and use removeRow activity.

Please correct if my understanding was not correct.


Hi @mukeshkala

I want to clear row content when item not found on the web…

In my XAML file. I have used flow decision activity to check if item not found on the web, then we must be add another activity into this activity to remove row content if item not found on the web.

Could you pls check in my XAML file and add activity into it ?

Thanks you so much!

I have used Flow Decision in my XAML file to determine if the item not found on the web.

And we must be add another activity on the left to remove row content ( not delete row ) on CSV file.

Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi

Do you have any suggest for this ^^PIC from WEB.zip (5.3 KB)

Sorry. I have changed from CSV file into the XLXS file.

I want to hightlight the item ( or row ) which not found on the web.

Pls suggest me about this case.

Thanks youPIC from WEB.zip|attachment (11.5 KB)PIC from WEB.zip (11.5 KB)

I have used Remove Data Row but it has problem.

That would work either
But pass any one argument buddy
Either Row or Rowindex, input with datatble in remove datarow is fine

Cheers @hadoanpapvn

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Hi @Palaniyappan

Could you pls fix this issue ?

I want to highlight or clear data row on cell if the item not found on the web.

I have made a for each activity and condition already…