Highlight each mail in mail box

Good evening guys.

I want to run an iteration for each mail in a specific folder in my Microsoft Outlook in order to perform some tasks. I use the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” and for each mail i want to highlight it in the mailbox so i can use a custom add in that my company has developed.

I am OK with reading the mailbox and the usage of the custom add-in.

The problem is that this add-in operates on the mail that is marked bluish and I want to iterate threw all mails and perform the action on some that have some specific criteria.

Is there any chunk of code to mark/highlight the mails needed so i can continue with the add in usage?

Hi @Poulos_Spyros,
In this case I think you need to include in your workflow the same operations as you are performing manually to achieve this (click, mark etc.).