Highlight column in Excel based on condition


I’ve been trying to do the following, but I’ve been struggling.

I send out an Excel sheet with certain inputs, the receiver fills in their input and then sends it back to me. Everytime the input is different from mine, I want the input to be highlighted in red. When they change the prices, I want the difference to be calculated in percentage and amount. The percentage should be highlighted in green or red depending on the condition, that one is yet unstated.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @Nomad

You have to do a conditional formatting on excel and use it always as a template …


Hi, I understand what you mean, but unfortunately that’s not possible in this scenario. It sounds silly for the robot to have to do that, but there’s no other option.

Hi @Nomad

If you dont want to do a pre-prepared template…then write vba for cell formatting and pass the cell and inputs and do the formatting on that cell repeat in a loop for each cell you want by reading it in datatable


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