Highlight certain cells of excel workbook

I need to loop through a specific column of an excel document and highlight cells with a set specification (words that start with k). I had a few ideas as to how to go about this, but I am having trouble implementing them.
My idea was to loop through the column and record the cells of words that start with k in an array, then go through the array and color the cells listed, but I am having trouble looping through the specific column to record the specific cells I need.

Read the Excel sheet to a datatable using Read Range. Loop through the datatable with For Each Row. In the loop, you can check the column using row(“columnName”) or row(ColumnIndex). E.g. to check the first column:

If (row(0).ToString.ToLower.StartsWith("k"))

Then you could use Set Range Color to highlight the cell.

Hi @BigMatt97
I have developed a sample workflow based on your requirement. You can do it by using a for each loop over the data table and highlighting the excels based on the requirement.
Go through the xaml file and let me know if it helps.
MatchColumns.xaml (8.6 KB) SampleExcel.xlsx (8.3 KB)

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