High Level Design

How to Create a high level design for implementation plan , as and when we understand the manual process or as-in process and to-be-process , how to make the high level implementation plan ?

what do you mean by high-level design?
high level in using many branches? high level in customed activities? or high level in performance?
I believe a good thought about easy handling of big projects, is using less ‘‘if’’, less ‘‘switch’’, fewer ‘‘activities’’ to do something, and most important good titling and annotations.

high level design to understand what workflows are to develops, conditions to use , deciding config parameters , invoking workflows
or may be other things that will help to make the workflow functioning and then developing it in uipath
high level design with more clear picture than as-in process or to-be process documents

Hi @Sakshi_Jain

Before creating a high-level plan, you may want to check out the best practices section.

and also process assessment tool - Lesson 4, Prepare RPA, UiPath Academy, RPA Business Analyst Fundamentals. Some of the questions you inquire will require experience with existing RPA bots as it is not one-size-fits-all solution. As a starting point, analyze the use case and then proceed to dive into and understand the process flows, business rules, etc. Request a copy of the sample data if possible. If I missed out anything, just like me know… there is always something new to learn.