High density robots / unattended interactive sessions using Citrix XenApp

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Our organization recently purchased UiPath and we are working out a technical design for the implementation.
We use Citrix XenApp for desktop virtualization and we prefer to use unattended high density robots with interactive sessions on our Citrix XenApp servers.

In the KB article “interactive session management” I read the following:

Interactive sessions can be started in two ways:

•Using SasLib to connect to Windows Console session
•Using FreeRdp to create a virtual Remote Desktop session

Does anyone know if it’s also possible to use an ICA client to create a virtual Citrix session and run the unattended robot in it?

Hope somebody has experience on this… Thanks in advance!

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I would be very interested in what design you have used for this. I have the same challenge. Using Xenapp/Xendesktop for unattended. I am interested in how you get the sessions to automatically log in and how this scales using imaging (MCS/PVS). What is the best approach - Xenapp/xendesktop. Remember there are no users so are you even brokering to VDA in this scenario?

Hi @FerdyvanDriel

Support for ICA protocol is on our radar :slight_smile:

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Sale question here. How did you manage the configuration in the end as I am now implementing to a client that uses XenApp with a pool of 15 servers.


Any new information about this?

“This year” would be an estimate, but not a given.


@loginerror, sorry to be annoyingly but where we stand here?