High Density Robot setup

I wonder if you could give me some advice?
I have one robot running on it’s own Windows Server and would like to introduce a second robot on the same machine. I think that I should be ok to set up a new AD account for the second robot and install it on a new session on the server but will this have any impact on the existing robot?
Also are the unattended robot licences different for High Density robots?

@peter.cook ,

You can deploy another robot into the same server machine, but you have to consider the following things.

  1. Different user account
  2. Separate license for the unattended bot
  3. Have to check and add the Server CPU and memory depends on the robots count
  4. While killing any process which are running on the server, you need to check the current user session and kill only those processes alone from the task manager. If you are using Kill process activity, that will kill all the processes in that machine.
  5. Check and use the source and target applications having the capability to handle multiple session, if your processes are running on a same application.

Thank you Parthasarathi,
For point 3 should I be increasing the CPU and memory by doubling it as I’m moving from 1 robot to 2?

@peter.cook ,

Yes, it depends on the process and the runtime. Also consider the applications involved and transactions count.