High Availability Mode and Robot Settings- Can't see Packages from the Robot in System tray

We configured High Availability, In this setting, the processes and Packages are in a S3 bucket, when I open the UI bot , and connect to the orchestrator we are not able to view the available processes . So the only way to run a process is via the orchestrator console. is there a workaround for this, How do we get the processes to show up in the bot in HA mode

Hello Sargahammudi,
i hope you are doing well
i need to configure high availability setup i need some help about installation
When I purchased the license, one license key was supplied. When I apply the high availability setup, do I need more than one license key for the orchestrator?
When the active node is down? Do I need human action to switch the license to the passive node or it will be an automated switch to the passive node. If yes, how to transfer the license between the active node to the passive node?