Hide "Save As" popup

I’m having an issue keeping an automation in the background. Specifically, I’m using Internet Explorer in hidden mode, and part of the script is to save a file to local disk. Problem is the “save as” dialog/window will still appear on screen, even if the browser remains hidden. I can automate inputting the filename and clicking save etc but I’d really like this app to remain invisible for the whole execution.

hi @pduffy

Use Send Hot key as wnd+d and so the save dialog window popup

Ashwin S

Thanks for your answer AshwinS2, but (if I understand it correctly) it doesn’t solve the problem. Win-D will hide all open application windows and show only the desktop, which I don’t want to do either. It would also still show the save-as popup temporarily before hiding it again. I want the robot to run invisibly so the user can work on other tasks without interruption.

Use the “hide window” activity.

That won’t work.