Hide processes under available processes at unattended robot

Hello !
We have several processes published to our Orchestrator.
One of those is meant to start manually by a user using an unattended robot on his local machine.
How can we limit what the user sees in his list ‘Available processes’ ? We want him to see that 1 process, not all.




Have you looked at Organization Units? It allows you to completely separate what people can see in Orchestrator by grouping them in separate organizations. The downside is that a robot cannot be provisioned in two Organization Units, so if you want a user to only be able to start one process that process would need a dedicated robot (per my understanding of it).

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You are right @DanielMitchell, that was the problem.
Because my robot is in all environments I was seeing all processes, but the user is just seeing the processes of the one environment he’s in. Thanks.


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