Hide Data Grid if Field Key contains no rows

Hi, everyone.

I’ve been working with Forms for about a week now, and I’m trying to use Logic to set the “Hidden” property of my Data Grid to true if the data table that I am using as the Field Key has no rows.

I’ve tried doing this using a Simple Logic type where it hides the table if the value of one of the column Field Keys is null. That didn’t work. Now, I’m trying to use a Javascript Logic type to get the number of rows from the Field Key. I’ve never used Javascript before, and nothing I’ve tried thus far has worked there either.

I think the Javascript method might be easiest, if I knew what I was doing.

Here’s a screenshot of where I’m currently at; it’s probably way off, but this at least gives you an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish.


Somebody has to know how to hide a component using the Conditional or Logic Tab and Javascript, right?


All right, never figured this one out using a trigger.

Our solution was to create 3 separate forms, and depending on what data tables had populated rows, we triggered the appropriate form to appear.
Both DTs → Form A shows
Only DT1 → Form B shows
Only DT2 → Form C shows

Not as elegant, but I somewhat prefer this solution because what happens to data once it gets to the Form is a bit of a black box. There’s little visibility to what’s happening, whereas I can see the values of my datatables and can control which form shows up depending on how they are populated.

Still curious as to how to use these advanced triggers, but not worth spinning my wheels on.

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