Hide additional options from data scrape

Hi, I have to scrape table from website. One of the table values is a drop down box that contains multiple choices for that column. If I use Data Scraping tool it creates datatable with column containing all possible variations and not the one that is chosen by user.

As the data is secret, here is an example how it looks like

|Company name| ip-address | message carrier | enabled |
TEST-COMP 192.168.1 Choose carrier * false

Now the carrier is chosen from list of carriers, for example: APPLE, BABBLE, NOVACORP etc.
If the user have chosen the “NOVACORP”, and robot scapes the table the result would be:

TEST-COMP | 192.168.1 | APPLE BABBLE NOVACORP | enabled

So I’m not able to retrieve which message carrier the user have chosen, as the scrape returns all possible choises. Is there way to retrieve “true text” form from data scrape tool? I tried to tinker with the ExtractMetaData option, but could figure out correct way to prevent hidden options to be included in search.

Check if there is an option to scrape only visible text.

Hi, there is such option in screen scraping but I’m not able to use that since the target table may contain multiple rows. I have not been able to set such option into data scrapping