Hidden rows in excel

When we perform Read Range Activity, it will reads the hidden data as well. How to overcome this. I need only data which is visible.


As far as I know, Read Range can only see entire data, so if you want only the filtered data, you need to filter it again using vb.net expressions (.Select, .Where, etc) on the datatable. If there is no filter criteria then you might need to use TypeInto to input a value or formula in a cell of the first row with Select Range followed by a TypeInto Ctrl+d filldown, which will leave blanks in the hidden cells that you can use to filter the table by after you Read Range.

There is, however, a workaround to use TypeInto to navigate your spreadsheet instead of Read Range, but is not recommended typically.

You can also see the hidden cells using VBA/VBS as an option, and maybe in the future there will be some of that integrated with RPA (we can hope)


Thank you!!
It will be helpful, if you can share any sample.