Hidden container visible only at click button


I want to have a container hidden and to make it visible only when I click a button.
The hidden property is not working, it is missing when I try to set its value in some control. Am I missing something?



Could you please show the element where exactly we wants to click and get the text hidden text?


@daia.prisecaru ,

Please follow below approach.

  1. Create an App variable
  2. On Container go to hidden field
  3. Add below function
  4. On button click pass some value into App variable.

So when you load page container will be hidden default and on click container will be visible.


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Thanks, this worked.
The mistake was that I thought the variable is of type boolean and I just set it on false/true, but the type is string so IsBlank function is ok for this.

Also, I want the container to be hidden every time the page is loaded, so I set the app variable value to nothing in the rule for “load” event of the page.

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