Hi this is my first day to UI Path. Can anyone tell me how to automate login to web application.I am just able to open the website till now

Also the password needs to be secured is there any way to do that ?

Type Secure Text activity is available. But you need to connect your bot to Orchestrator.

Thanks Vivek ,this takes my username but does not enter the password and comes out . Any idea what can be the issue ?

Which activity are you using for password? typeinto or type secure string?

Typeinto , like used for username and providing the text

Have you indicated the password field, and provided text?

Please follow below tutorial on web recordings

@nupa From below post download zip file

Hi just want to login from one user and not reading from excel .I am not surewhy this doesnt work

yes done tht , but it is typing password just after the username and not in the blank text field for password

Attached the file where trying to login

Please send the screenshot of workflow and selectors. Or send the Workflow if possible.

You should use two different typeinto
1 for user name wher you indicated username text box and other other one for password and you have to again indicate password field

Else you can use single typeinto enter username then tab then password.

have done the same

Can you please check the selector if both are same? Is yes then use single typeinto and use tab inbetween username and password.

i have uploaded the screenshot for what i am trying to log in to .
The window is a pop up that comes where we need to provide the username and password.
Can you please help me with this flow

Instead of this can you share your workflow screen shots??

Its different everytime i inspect .Attached for this time

Try using anchor base
In anchor, use find Element indicating password label.
In actions, use type into indicating your password