Hi team , i have created an UI automation to send microsoft teams meeting invite, but the bot is not sending for tomorrow's date by default it is typing today's date and sending an invite,please suggest the solution

Change the Start date with type into or with click activities in the that calender @Roopa_RPA


you have add the day and pass the variable in the date by using type into. 
Have a look on expression->

hi sudharsan i 'm doing type into only where the bot types tomorrow’s date but after receiving the email the date will be today’s date by default

i will be checking the recipient availability so whenever the person is available the bot should should send the email,the date should be dynamic but the bot is sending for today’s date only


From where you will check the availability of that person.

through find meetings activity from uipath.
this activity gives me the availability of the person

adding day and passing through variable also not working receiving invite for today’s date only

Hi Team the issue got resolved by changing the properties of type into from simulate to send window messages

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