Hi team, How to extract invoice data from email body using regex

I want to extract invoice which is present in email body using regex.
I converted to mailbody to text. but it is not in the format to extract data using regex. Pls hep me out with solution.

HI @Lokesh_M2 - Welcome to the UiPath Community. Before jumping to the issue please provide a brief description of the issue you are experiencing, along with any relevant error messages and a screenshot if possible. Please summarize the information in short points.

Shantanu Chande

i want extract data from invoices received through mail. Some invoices in pdf format attachments and some other invoices are in mail body itself.
Here i dont know the procedure to extract data from mailbody invoices using regex. Pls help me in this regard.

are these invoices available as images in the mail body? Or the invoice data is in the form of text in the mail body? can you attach a sample email to provide more context?

Screenshot 2023-05-23 123836

@Lokesh_M2 What is the format of invoice in the email body? Will you be able to paste a sample body as plain text?