Hi please help me with creating automating a 3 folders

Hi please help me with creating automating a 3 folders

  1. errors
  2. processed
  3. new files.
    im struggling to automate that and also add an error message to email

Hi @Latoya_mbatha

There is Create folder activity to achieve this

Hello @Latoya_mbatha

Your requirement is not clear here.Can you give more insights to your issue with some screenshots?

Are you trying to create some folders? If yes, sue the below activity.

all the word doc templates should be automated and fall in the right above

Are you trying to update values in word doc?

yes so uipath has a formula where the calculations are inserted in the specifc table. so after that happens the doc must move to another folder 2. and if there are errors it has to move to the error folder3.

folder 1 is where the new documents that need to be processed.

Hi @Latoya_mbatha,

Are you using the REF template?

You can manage these transfer fields using the move file activity. If you are not using it, you can do it with the help of try catchler.



the issue is its now refusing to convert to pdf.

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