Hi, Masters! Need help with large excel file

I have excel file with 1000+ rows wich contains with 63 unique ATM id, and for every atm i have to write branch id .that is, for each unique ATM id, i have to add the branch id


If you have branch ID available in the same excel, and if you need to populate the branch ID based on some conditions, why don’t you use vlookup?

thanks for advice, ill check documentation and give feedback)

Vlookup not suitable because branch id are in another file(

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HI @nursultan.bazarbaev

could you share us a sample

we can achieve this using linq approach

in that file are atm id

and another file with atms branches id

So wts your requirement basically ? @nursultan.bazarbaev

could you just say one example


first file contains more than 1000 rows, next to ATM field I need to fill in the column with the corresponding branch id from second file

there are 13 branch id for 63 atm id

so basically branch id is in other excel right

is it possible for you to share sample excels


which would be easy fr me to show you a sample example @nursultan.bazarbaev

sorry there are confidence info :sweat_smile:

ok no problem will create a sample and willl show you @nursultan.bazarbaev

ok, Thanks!

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Hi @nursultan.bazarbaev

here you go with a complete example

New folder.zip (19.2 KB)

kindly incorporate same type of logic in your process as well


thanks a lot, u r my hero!

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