Hi I need to select the start date, mid date & end date of current year in “6/3/2022” format. How can i achieve this?

Hi @umer_farooq_finca

Please check if type into activity works. If not you will have to to split the date and pass the date, month and year variables to the selector

Can you edit field for “From date”? Then you can use Type Into.

It should go something like this:

var_FromDate = <datetime>.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")

If you can’t select the field, you should try getting the selector of “From” and then work with “Cursor position”. Set a value for “Offset Y” and try to fill it with your desired value.

Hi @umer_farooq_finca,

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Can you write data in the field related to Type Into? Or do you just have to go from within the calendar?


Hello @umer_farooq_finca

You can easily do the automation on the datepicker if typeinto doesnt works.

You need to use uiexplorer and share the selector for a day(need selector forthis month day and next months(disabled day)

You can find some attributes which determines the corerct day, then you need to pass the date to the selector …Maybe aaname=‘01’ or idx=‘01’ like this…01 need to replace with the dynamic variable.