Hi, I need to know how to add a week to a particular date?

i need to add 2 week to 02.01.2022.

Hello @Jayakiruba_Sekar ,

Use something like this in order to add a week to a date:


For two weeks you could use:


More info here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.datetime.adddays?view=net-7.0

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Hello @Jayakiruba_Sekar

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You can sue the modify Date activity in UiPath.


Hi @Jayakiruba_Sekar,

You can see the example in this screenshot.

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Hello Marius! what if i’m given the input in number of weeks
number weeks is dynamic. its an input from an excel. i need to add that to a date variable.

my input will be in weeks. either i need to convert weeks given to number of days and proceed or i need to add the week directly to date. not the days!!

Thanks Rahul! its really helpful.

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Hi @Jayakiruba_Sekar ,

Considering the date value is already in DateTime datatype variable. Also, we know 7 Days is a week.

Then we can use the number of weeks as the multiplier for 7 days.