Hi, I need help to edit the inspect element chrome to remove disable textfield to enable


Try using the UiExplorer and indicate on the textfield that you want to make it enable. You will be able to find attributes that would indicate that the textfield is disabled. You could use this attribute in Set Web Attribute Activity and set the value as enabled (value depends on the attribute used or we can find the appropriate value when inspecting the enabled textfield).

Let us know if you are able to understand the above approach. Also provide us with the screenshots of the UiExplorer (Whole window) for analysing further.

I cannot find any attribute that indicated the textfield is disabled.

My initial idea is to only remove the “readonly=true”

Here is the UIExplorer screenshot


Could you try expanding the Property Explorer in the Left -Bottom Side Panel and check there ?

Also, you could also directly have a look with the Set Web Attribute activity after indication of the element and check if the attribute name is present in the dropdown list.

I saw the readonly attribute. How do I remove the readonly attribute?

@AHMAA , You will not be able to remove the readonly attribute, you would have to try changing the attribute value to false and check.

In above posts, already suggested to use the Set Web Attribute activity. Could you check by using that and let us know if you get any errors or if it doesn’t work.

try to use invoke javascript file activity to achieve this, not sure this is going to work but try


Hi all, I already resolved the issue.

Apparently I just have to use Set Text and set AlterIfDisabled to true in the Properties.


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