Hi i got error

How to convert In_TransactionItem to queueitem. Anyone can help?

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@Halimah ,
You cant give index to queue variable . Are to trying to make the RE frame work queue free with implementing data row ? if so then u have to set datatype as data row

Hi @Halimah

If you are using queue item you need to give the expression like

in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("Your first column name")


How to convert In_TransactionItem to queueitem . Anyone can help?

Hello @Halimah

If you are using the Reframework, by default the in_TransactionItem will be a QueueItem variable.
Instead, if you are not using Reframework, you can create the argument in_TransactionItem of type QueueItem and use that in the Get Transaction item activity.

Then to get the value from it, you can use



Using REFramework but still got this error

Please check all the variables and the arguments of the name TransactionItem and see the variable type.

You need to change that to QueueItem.

You can execute in Debug mode and see from where that error is happening.


Change the argument type of In_TransactionItem to queueitem this would work
if you are passing it as queue item.

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