Hi I am Working on UiPath Test suite . How can we use Data Drive Test for Looping the process

I am trying to test the RPA_Challenge Web automation process using Data Drive Test.
Could anyone suggest me the any alternative way for looping the process.

Hello @Soundarya_Guduri
You can try “While loop”

For Each Loop

Refer the videos

Hello Soundarya,
in test automation project you can add test data directly to test case on studio right click on your test case then add test data you can select between 3 ways to add test data simple one is via file (Excel or json) after selecting file test data will be added then you can run it and it will looped automatically all extra information will be in below URL check it and if there is any issue notify us :slight_smile:

Note: UIpath will automatic create argument for each column in you test data you just will use this argument to proceed in testing